About Us!

Fox Trade is a financial services company that provides private wealth management solutions for individuals and institutions. Private wealth management refers to the professional management of financial assets and investments for high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs), families, and other private clients. It typically involves the development of a customized investment plan based on the client's financial goals and risk tolerance, as well as the selection and management of investments that are appropriate for the client's specific circumstances. Fox Trade may also provide other financial services, such as financial planning, tax planning, and estate planning, in addition to wealth management. It is important for individuals and institutions seeking private wealth management services to carefully consider their financial needs and goals and to research and compare different providers to find the best fit for their needs.


Our investment philosophy stresses maintaining long-term relationships - not just with our clients but also with the financial markets. Our approach is based on identifying the key economic issues that concern you most. With several years of experience in financial services and tax planning, we can provide the most appropriate planning solution for your specific situation.
Our mission is to add value through active portfolio management to help our clients reach their long-term financial goals. Our investment strategies follow our values to achieve this. We aim to be trusted and earn a preferred name in the financial advisory and wealth management space, by offering high-quality investment solutions and providing outstanding service, without compromising on our principles.


Our Vision is to create a ‘financially’ literate society by making the process of investing simpler and more understandable to the masses. To help our customers reach their investment goals through practical and sensible advice, well-focused financial plans, and disciplined money management.
We aspire to be the most trusted wealth advisors in the world. This is a vision shared by our people and is predicated on a commitment to uphold the highest standard of conduct and service in all our dealings. Our range of financial planning and wealth management services is sophisticated yet simple to understand. We understand that wealth means more than just numbers and it reflects in the way we approach our relationships.

Our key factors

Strong Collective Force

Our team of efficient analysts keeps an eye on the dynamic money markets while providing our clients with the most appropriate solutions for healthy monetary growth.

Simplifying Financial Life

With our well-structured framework and thorough research, we ensure that all your requirements or problems are addressed holistically. As part of our work, we assess your financial situation in depth, including your loans, investments, insurance, asset allocation, and succession planning.

Sound Advisory

Our team of capable wealth advisors will guide you every step of the way toward management. This is because of management, so you can expect sound advice that is geared towards meeting your personal financial goals and exceeding your expectations.

Innovative Platform

Our approach is both efficient and effective, utilizing a blend of in-house products, credit, and third-party and proprietary platforms, creating a creative amalgamation using an open architecture platform so that you can select the appropriate options available.

Adroit Professional

A team of talented and agile professionals is working in a free environment to provide you with the most advantageous solution.

Flawless digital Integration

Our seamless integration of the latest financial technology ensures that you receive exceptional service from us.