Equity Trading

Equity trading primarily deals with the buying and selling of shares. These shares are traded publicly or privately, based on whether the company is a listed entity. On the Share Market, traders can buy and sell shares of different companies based on the research they do and the companies they choose.

About this Service

Over longer periods, stock market investments often do better than other investment classes. Equities should ideally be held for 3-5 years because short-term returns on investments in equities might be lower or even negative.

  • In times of inflation, equity offers the best returns. Equities are, in other words, the best hedge against inflation. This is crucial because it enables you to keep living the way you want to without having to make budget cuts.
  • Equity is a riskier investment than a savings account or fixed deposit, it is also true. Although the risk is higher, the rewards are adequate. Your goal as an equity trader should be to manage your risk rather than just chase rewards. Your equity market performance can be considerably better if the risk is managed.
  • Most well-known businesses with a proven track record provide dividends regularly. A corporation will pay its shareholders a fixed sum of money from its earnings as a dividend. This guarantees steady returns on equity investments.
  • Stocks can be used in financial planning to build wealth over the long term. Through equity trading accounts or indirectly through equity mutual funds, you can invest in stocks directly.
  • Equity trading is important because it helps investors build wealth. Additionally, it is the equity market that enables businesses to IPO and lists their stocks to raise capital. These stocks are therefore traded on the secondary market. Equity trading is a straightforward procedure that involves transferring ownership of equities via the market mechanism.

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The purpose of leverage is to increase profits by borrowing money.

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